History and Company Profile

The Turbo race shoe concept was initially conceived in 1976 after the recognition that there was a ‘need’ for specialist driving shoes. At the time, boxing and wrestling boots were considered the standard driving shoe.

After Niki Lauda’s Formula One accident in 1976 where he was badly burned, a need was recognised by the worlds racing body’s (FISA and FOCA) for more fire retardant equipment.

Nomex®, a Du-Pont product, was being developed around this time, with an extraordinary combination of high performance heat and flame resistant properties. Nomex® has been at the forefront of this technology since, and is generally preferred by top racing apparel manufacturers and drivers.  Fire fighters, the military and electrical servicemen also use Nomex® for protective apparel, and it can be found at the heart of many high voltage electrical applications where the best heat insulation is required.

Turbo race shoes/boots were developed using Nomex®, which remains the No. 1 in fire and heat protection.  Turbo’s Double Layer High Nomex is considered the worlds most fire protective performance racing boot with an inner layer of 3mm thick Nomex® felt and an outer layer of Nomex® III woven. (One layer of Nomex® III alone meets the FIA Standard).  This is coupled with a 3mm thick Nomex® inner sole and self extinguishing rubber soles (as found in all our shoes) ensures that turbo are committed to your safety without compromise.

Turbo is one of very few specialist race shoe manufacturers to be homologated to the new FIA Standard 8856-2000.

Handmade in New Zealand using the finest New Zealand leather and workmanship, we are determined to prove that specialist footwear is superior in performance, safety and comfort.

Other Turbo Products:

  • Nomex® Balaclava’s
  • Nomex® Socks
  • Nomex® Underwear
  • Nomex® and Protek® Neck Supports
  • Club/ Kart shoes (not fire-retardant)

Turbo Traders Ltd was formed in 1976 by Kerry and Glenys Rowe and has gained great reputation in Australia and New Zealand for its handmade performance driving shoes. The son of the founders, Damian, continues the legacy of the performance orientated driving shoe, developing new concepts and making them available to the rest of the world.