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FiA Homologation 8856 - 2000Turbo shoes are handmade in New Zealand using the best quality materials and workmanship. All Turbo driving shoes are made with Nomex® and have fire resistant rubber soles.

Turbo driving shoes are the first shoes in the world made outside Europe to be officially homologated to FIA Standard 8856-2000

Features of Turbo Specialist Handmade Shoes:

  • Racewear - glovesSuper Sensitive non-slip sole for ultimate pedal feel & control
  • Rounded Heel (that grips) designed around pedal control
  • Close fitting for tight (single seater) cockpits
  • Nomex┬« lining. We use only the best fire protection in our FIA level shoes- No Compromise
  • Handmade in New Zealand using the best New Zealand Leather and Suede
  • Fire resistant rubber sole
  • Proper support and fire protection of ankle

Contact us if you are you interested in custom made shoes incorporating sponsors logos, drivers name, racing number, etc.

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